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Cryptocurrency Redefined. Pay without Barriers.
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Why we're Different

InstaCoin is a payment method for O2O mPayment Service that builds an innovative coin ecosystem without any payment intermediaries

Reverse ICO

You can use your coin immediately after PreSale on our first Platform Application that is already developed and ready for use.

Alternative Payment Method

We have the world’s first patented QR Code-based mobile payment platform(2007), which will ultimately replace costly and complicated credit card system by lowering expenses for merchants and providing convenience for users.

Payment Ecosystem

Through Payment Platform, our first Platform Application, we will expand InstaCoin Ecosystem into Game Platform Application, e-Commerce Platform Application, MBPP Platform Application, and many more.

Use Cases
On and off the screen: Buy anywhere. Get anywhere.
InstaPay is the world's first mobile payment company that commercialized its patents on QR and Barcode in 2007.

InstaPay removes the barriers of time and space in shopping, paying, and delivery. By using blockchain, it prevents fraudulent transactions and protects personal information in O2O Commerce.

You can charge via mobile without intermediaries and pay with InstaCoin. It takes care of your regular payment or recurring bills for O2O Commerce, memberships, subscriptions, and many more.

You can own game items as InstaCoin’s Digital Asset. InstaCoin provides the most convenient and secure experience in not only purchasing at a virtual store within game but also trade between users.

Building a decentralized eTrade Marketplace based on blockchain that connects the market of 120 countries enables reduction of intermediaries costs and fees, fraud prevention, and blockchain delivery. InstaPay will build and sustain multilateral payment system and Crypto-economy eco system through Multi-eTrade Marketplace.

National Assembly TV 2016.09

MBC TV 2016.09

FinTech Takes the Shopping Delivery War to the New Round

Fintech company InstaPay showcased its demo that will bring ‘innovation in shopping ecosystem through mobile payment and New Escrow service.’ It presented new O2O mobile payment platform that can innovate shopping ecosystem with integrated payment and delivery in online and offline shopping...
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Demo of GIRO Fees Payment Using Fintech Technology Was Hosted at National Assembly

Korea Fintech Research Institute seminar ‘Fintec Steals Innovation’ was held at the National Assembly Member’s Office Bldg. on 16th. Fintech startup InstaPay presented its technology...
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InstaPay wins Citi Mobile Challenge preliminary round in Korea

InstaPay will have the opportunity to showcase its product in front of a global audience...
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NongHyup Accelerates Digital Financial Platform Strategy

NongHyup explained that following the release of NH Fintech Open Platform, fintech companies will be able to provide financial services directly and create new fintech service integrated with finance. ...
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